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CHROMA series

ongoing since 2019

Manuel Abendroth, Jérôme Decock, Els Vermang
Size: different sizes and shapes
Technique: copper, thermochromic pigments, electronics, generative software

These paintings exist in different formats: 100 x 100cm , 60 x 60cm , 30 x 30cm

... : as a diptych square/circle ... : black/white and blue/white

These paintings explore the legacy of the monochrome. Here, one and the same painting can be all white and at another moment all black. Between these two states, the viewer see a slow material transformation. This paradox questions the monochrome as an absolute state of pure colour and constantly negotiates its condition by being simultaneously one and its opposite.

2016 ___ - Monochrome, Société, Brussels
2019 ___ - if then else, Casino Luxembourg, Luxembourg City
2020 ___ - yes : no, perhaps, Mario Mauroner Contemporary, Vienna
2021 ___ - Ce mouvement qui déplace les lignes, solo, La Patinoire, Brussels
2021 ___ - Espaces intérieurs, Liaigre curated by Gregory Lang, Brussels
2021 ___ - Art Salzburg, boot Mario Mauroner, Salzburg
2022 ___ - Ososphere, parcours artistique, Strasbourg
2022 ___ - the tallest towers...., DAN Galeria, Sao Paolo
2022 / 23 - Zeit Zeichen Zeichen Zeit, Kunstmuseum, Heidenheim

The painting uses thermochromic pigments whose reactivity changes over time depending on the number of activations. This is intrinsically part of the concept of the painting, which by definition negotiates the state of things with the course of things, organicity and transformation. The viewer is confronted with an 'organic' process of matter that slowly changes due to its nature.

It is up to him to decide whether to accept this change over time or to paint over it to reactivate it. Through this decision, the owner actively engages with the state of the artwork and time, formalising the relationship he has with the artwork.


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