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since 2021

LAb[au], Manuel Abendroth
various dimensions, raster of A4
A4 b/w copies framed and boxed

The raster of A4, it's resolution depends the numbers of copies needed


Starting point: a blank white page is photocopied and then the copy is copied until the errors invert white and black. Each set is unique, as the machine imprints its aesthetic on the original concept. The work renders visible entropy and each attempt adds to the library of the failure's uniqueness.

a first series has been realised with Els Vermang for:
2016 ___ - Xerox group show, Socièté, Brussels

a second prototype has been shown in:
2021 ___ - Ce mouvement qui déplace les lignes, La Patinoire, Brussels

2022 ___ - AXIOM #1, TOPO? , Brussels
2022 / 23 - Zeit Zeichen Zeichen Zeit, Kunstmuseum, Heidenheim



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