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UPB series

ongoing since 2019

Manuel Abendroth, Jérôme Decock, Els Vermang
Size: different formats and proportions
Technique: lead, uranium ore

These paintings exit in squared format: 40x40cm , 60x60cm, 100x100cm

proportion of double squares: 70x130cm, 90x170cm special format: 480x200cm

The 'U238 - Pb206' work juxtaposes uranium powder and lead, two stages of the same material separated by millions of years, and contrasts their respective colours: Yellow and Grey. Likewise, the work relates the concept of monochrome to time. Its scales induce the inconceivable, the unthinkable and the unimaginable as part of the ontology of this singular form of painting.

2019 ___ - if then else, Casino Luxembourg, Luxembourg City
2021 ___ - Ce mouvement..., La Patinoire/Galerie Valérie Bach, Brussels
2022 ___ - AXIOM#1, TOPO?, Brussels
2022 / 23 - On the Lookout, Fondation CAB, Brussels
2023 ___ - BRAFA, Group Booth with La Patinoire/Galerie Valérie Bach , Brussels
2022 / 23 - Zeit Zeichen Zeichen Zeit, Kunstmuseum, Heidenheim



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