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LAb[au]’s art console is a T-shape crafted transparent Plexiglas box of 1,7m length, 32cm wide and 29cm high. The shell contains 4 stripped TFT screens. The synchronised rendering of four networked computers presents this screen space as one single render plane. At the back of the console the hardware components needed to calculate the real-time process are visible. This custom design allows running different executables, generative artworks of LAb[au], by the means of flash cards to be inserted in the back of the console. Whereas the specific shape of the consoles allows it to be placed vertically, horizontally or wall mounted. 


The principle of LAb[au]'s ‘artConsole’ is inspired by early video game consoles. The name ‘video game console’ reflects the technical configuration: a specific task-oriented computer, the console, which can be plugged on any monitor through a video output. This design presents generative art being about soft and hardware and is the result of a research to enhance generative art with spatial and sculptural qualities defining a precise presentation format often missing in its genre.


pixFlow (2009) visualises flow behaviour, swarmDots (2011) swarm behaviour and particleSprings (2013) spring behaviour.

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