If Then Else


26.09.19 – 05.01.2020

Casino Luxembourg




The exhibition title If Then Else is an expression in programming logic, a conditional statement stemming from language philosophy. Accordingly, propositional logic allows relating algorithmic and conceptual thinking through linguistics – which constitutes the focus of the exhibition.



Code Language


02.09 – 22.10.2016


La Patinoire Royale




'Code Language' presents LAb[au]'s research of color, shape and motion: a research that is structured like a language with its own vocabulary, grammar and syntax. This conjunction between art and language consider art as semantic and semiotic system that involves the most current forms of expression as it researches contemporary aesthetics. 



zero un


06.02 - 22.03.2014


Galerie Denise Rene


'Zero un' expresses LAb[au]'s concept reflecting the notion of binary states and numeric logic inherent to algorithmic creation and its inherent aesthetics.