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On the Lookout

Fondation CAB

06.09.22 - 05.02.23

curated by: Gregory Lang

artwork: U-238 - Pb-206, 200x600cm

ON THE LOOKOUT explores how variations of colour can stimulate human behaviour. This exhibition highlights the immersive and immaterial qualities of each artwork : while we investigate the space, we deepen our relationship with each of them. The dialogues and tensions created between the colourful installations and the architecture intensify our attention. With each moment being favorable to observe fleeting occurrences, an expanded time devoted to these encounters enhances our experiences. Thus, by discerning several states of the same work, we also sharpen our perceptive adjustments.

The exhibition unfolds in different sequences. Along with its zones of experience, we discover the conceptual nuances between the artists.

U-238 - Pb-206
LAb[au], 2022
200 x 600cm

The UPB series has been originated in 2016 by:
Manuel Abendroth, Jérôme Decock and Els Vermang.
This artwork has been conceived for the exhibition

The artwork juxtaposes uranium ore powder and lead. Likewise it displays two different stages of the same material, separated by several million years,further confronting their respective colours, yellow and grey. Based on the same matter the work investigates the notion of the monochrome and places it in relation to time.

The artists thus question the fascination of the void, although this notion is not described in the definition of the monochrome and can only be apprehended through a broader understanding of art. Approaching the tradition of painting through terminology, the artists contextualise its possible meaning in our contemporary world. By further approaching the spectrum of colour, from the luminous pigment to the invisibility of radioluminescence they put into perspective the relationship between the visible and the invisible, the thinkable with the un-conceivable in our understanding of the reality.

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