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One of a Billion Years _ 04.jpg
One of a Billion Years _ 03.jpg

One of a Billion Years

 Abendroth, Jerome Decock, Els Vermang

Size: variable

Technique: computer generated prints, 365 black A4 frames, 100 hard cover A4 books, light object, generative software



One of a Billion Days visualizes possible combinations of an alphanumeric display consisting of 10 characters. Each character is based on 16 segments and two points and as such has 2e18 (or 262 144) unique combinations possible. A 10 character display has 2e180 (or 1532495540865888858358347027150309183618739122183602176) unique combinations possible. Each frame on the wall represents the combinations generated during one day, while all 365 frames on the wall or 365 pages of a book gather all unique combinations generated during one year. One of a Billion Years shows an infinite small extract of the infinite time necessary to generate all possible unique combinations of the 10 character long 16 segment display. The artwork demonstrates how a simple construct, the combination of 18 elements, can create closely infinite variations and puts it in relation to time and information.

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