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origamiPermutations _ 02.jpg


since 2014 
Manuel Abendroth, Jérôme Decock, Els Vermang

has been realised in various sizes and patterns

60 x 60, 80 x 120, 80 x 140, 120 x 120 cm
Technique: MDF, ABS

The permutations are a series of unique reliefs exploring the tessellation of a surface in divisions and subdivisions. The resulting shapes, geometries, are the vocabulary, whereas their permutation is the syntax of the work, constituting its formal language. Following this principle of tessellation and permutation, an unlimited number of variations is obtained, and each relief is just an extract of the infinite surface.


By combining a rule-based approach with randomness, the work formalizes the artist’s concept of random order. This theme is further explored in the kinetic origami, where the geometric patterns (space) are accompanied by kinetic behavior (time).


Painted in 'Superblack', the work unfolds a new dimension; from a distance, it appears as a perfect black monochrome that only reveals its relief when approached, like a visual enigma that partially reveals its meaning.

origamiPermutations _ 03.jpg
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