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2014 >
 Abendroth, Jerome Decock, Els Vermang

Size: 60 * 60, 80 * 120/140, 120 * 120 cm

Technique: MDF, ABS



The origamiPermutations are a series of unique reliefs originating from the origamiSeries. The tesselation of the plan in divisions and subdivisions determines a series of forms; the vocabulary. Their permutation and their syntax allow for an almost unlimited combination.


The origamiPermutations are based on different tessellations of a surface using regular (based on one shape) and semi-regular (based on several shapes) subdivisions. They correspond to the ones used in the origamiSeries and examine the variations one can obtain according to folding and unfolding. Here the kinetic surfaces are replaced by printed three-dimensional shapes extruded according to the minimum and maximum position of the kinetic subdivision. It transposes their kinetic binary state, from an open or closed position, to a static state.


The origamiPermutations explore combinatory and mathematic logics and constitute the conceptual and structural framework for the kinetic origamiSeries. 

origamiPermutations _ 03.jpg
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