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origamiSquare 6x18x1

 Abendroth, Jerome Decock, Els Vermang

Size: 2 * 6 m

Technique: aluminium, MDF, paint, ABS, servomotors, custom tailered electronics, generative software


origamiSquare 6x18x1 is a kinetic installation combining geometry, colour and motion. These kinetic reliefs are based on different tessellation filling a surface with triangular shapes. The recurrent pattern is created by the multiplication of a triangle forming a similar bigger one. The work is thus part of an endless, larger whole. The geometry is complemented by colours underlying the constituent parts and highlights the movement of the tiles. Through irregular motion within a regular composition the work alternates between order and disorder, predictability and unpredictability. The artwork has been commissioned by Linklaters for their Brussels office.

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