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 Abendroth, Jerome Decock, Els Vermang

Size: ø: 2.5 m * h: 20 m

Technique: steel, aluminium, LED, pmma, microphones, custom-tailored electronics, micrcontrollers, computer

‘siloScope’ is a sound reactive light sculpture based on a hyperboloid structure, located at the Seine riverbanks in Vitry-sur-Seine. The 20 m high hyperboloid is constituted of 20 straight lines where 10 have a clockwise and 10 a counter clockwise orientation resulting in a double hyperboloid structure. The clockwise straight lines are lit up by RGB LEDs running along the structure. 
Due to the use and triangulation of sound sensors, the direction and speed of sound emitted from the urban context is determined and analysed. This sound analysis is used to create light patterns. 

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