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rouge, vert, bleu, blanc

Centre des Arts Enghien Les Bains

09.04 - 28.06.2015

red, green, blue_white
Dominique Roland, Director - centre for the arts

Created through the initiative of the City of Enghien-les-Bains, the centre for the arts is a multi-disciplinary site dedicated to digital creation, deriving its program from the intersection of art and technology. The result of this initiative is a regenerated creative force, made of a new generation of artists capable of imagining a new semantic in the arts.

It is at the very heart of LAb[au]’s artistic attitude that one can find this plurality of thinking which crosses visual arts and architecture along with other fields and disciplines. The vocabulary of colour / light / motion is transposed to the third dimension giving the work its extension in space as it is encountered by the spectator.

Red, green, blue,_white is a multi-faceted proposition; it develops its own temporality, the implementation of kinetic artworks whose synthesis imprints directly on the viewer’s retina.

Red, green, blue_white represents the three primary colours, along with their mixing into light’s white. The work of LAb[au] is revealed by chromatic and graphic plays of perception and remains thus, highly visual.

Red, green, blue_white is also a theoretical framework which allows a double reading of its cognitive and ‘perceptive’ sense.

This exhibition is thus a collection of projects conceived as artistic and conceptual experimentations. They originate from systems thinking, where the meaning of the work is entirely contained in itself: LAb[au] does not illustrate something, just as they do not seek to illustrate the use of technology. They seek a moment of encounter with the artwork, where its intrinsic physicality is enough to inspire us and trigger our amazement. It is also the aim of this book to transcribe this thinking and share a profound experience of our time.

For the exhibition a monographic book has been realised under the title:
modes, systems, concepts by LAb[au]

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