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Zeit Zeichen, Zeichen Zeit

Kunstmuseum Heidenheim

19.11.2022 – 26.02.2023

In the center of the Heidenheim exhibition is a 150m² yellow field underlining the former water basin of the building while bathing the entire space into an intense monochromatic color. The uranium-based pigment plunges the visitors into an energy field where they witness the slow decline of the pigment's energy through the Geiger Counter. The continuous loss of energy slowly turns its bright yellow color into black; hence the title of the artwork: 1600 years of light.'

This central work stands for LAb[au]'s research about time, its conception, and its formalization - as a monochrome - it is an investigation of this iconic form of painting, its meaning, and its tradition. The title of the show thus combines these two major theoretic considerations into a play of words. where each permutation, each little shift of words built a wider, a different understanding.

Zeit Zeichen (sign of time)
Zeichnende Zeit (the drawing time)
Zeichen zur Zeit (signs about time)
Zeit der Zeichen (the time of signs)
Zeit Zeichnen (drawing time)
Zeit als Zeichen (time as sign)
Zeichen Zeit (time to draw)

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