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zero un

Galerie Denise René

06.02 - 22.03.2014

'Zero un' expresses LAb[au]'s concept of binary states and numeric logic inherent to contemporary artistic practice and its aesthetics.

The alliance of the experimental dimension (lab) and the concrete realization (bau), in reference to the Bauhaus, are at the origin of the name of this group of artists. Their work, is at the conjunction between artistic practice and theoretical research, taking into account the influence of new technologies and the most recent materials on the forms, methods and ideas of contemporary art.

Their approach is focusing on fundamental notions such as color, form, light... which is commun to the entire history of art and allow us to identify the aesthetics of an era. It is at this level that the reality of the artistic work is located, as Theo Van Doesburg reminds it in 1930, in the Manifesto of the concrete art, "nothing is more concrete, more real that a line, that a color, that a surface.

For LAb[au], this approach to fundamental themes is based on the conviction that these essential notions are not media at the service of technology, but on the contrary that the most current technology must allow us to revisit these subjects in order to shed new light on them.

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