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Frac des Pays de la Loire, Carquefou France

15.11.2020 - 02.01.2022

curated by: Claude Closky

installation: 365 lightbox

"In response to Laurence Gateau's invitation to create an exhibition based on the collection of the Frac des Pays de la Loire, I designed a project centered on temporal rhythms, with works from the collection, to which I added pieces borrowed from artists, some of whom are represented in the Frac and others not. All of them have in common that they look at the unfolding of daily life, at the impact of time on work, or that they adopt a specific temporality in their exhibition methods. The visibility devices set up throughout the exhibition from November to June will give the public the possibility of sharing two forms of temporality at work: the representation of the passage of time and the time that the artistic gesture needs to be accomplished.

The hanging itself will be subject to the duration of the exhibition, giving each work its own rhythm. The successive elements of a series or parts of a work will always be presented individually: one per day, one per week, one per month, etc. This way of exhibiting each element in turn will emphasize the concrete duration of the working time. And in this spread, each part will be worth the whole.

This device is intended to illuminate the deployment of the works in time more than the place they occupy in space, to direct the attention on the moment lived as much as on its appearance. It gives the hanging a performative dimension. Moreover, the exhibition will present original works, editions, and reproductions of works in equal measure. This equality is a way to place time before space, and also to put the materiality and the rarity of an object in the background.

The title "X" ("multiplication" and "choice") gives form to the exhibition display in the space."
Exhibition website:

LAb[au] is exhibiting a special edition of the artwork '365' at the FRAC Pays de la Loire, following an invitation of curator and artist Claude Closky. All artworks, part of the collection of the FRAC or not, exhibited 'look at the course of daily life, the impact of time on work, or adopt a specific temporality in the way they are exhibited.'

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