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mosaic bw

since 2013

LAb[au], Manuel Abendroth, Jéröme Decock, Els Vermang
size: 200 x 200cm, 135 x135cm, 90x240cm, 90x165cm
technique: MDF, custom tailored electronics & motors, LEDs,, generative software

based on a grid of 15 x15cm tiles

the resolutions are: 4x12 , 5x10 , 8x8 , 5x15

The elementary vocabulary of these kinetic mosaics and their architectural characteristics position them within the tradition of Art Concrete, whereas their programmed logics add infinite variation-evolution.

Each tile of the mosaic can be activated by a linear motor extracting them 10 cm. The individual control of the tiles’ motion allows the creation of three-dimensional reliefs based on simple geometric patterns. These patterns appear at irregular moments and decompose following random logic. The programming of the motion follows compositional principles balancing between ordered and random configurations. Whereas the formation of patterns underlines the geometric design, the random arrangements underlines the play of light.

The tiles are retro-illuminated projecting white light on the black back-plane. When the tiles move, grey gradients of different intensity appears up to the point that they appear entirely white. The luminous white surfaces on the black background gives the illusion of shadow - but bright shadows. This inversion between light and shadow leads to an optical effect: a tile extracting produces an invert movement.

This installation has been conceived as a complementary to the rgb, white version. The program controlling the motion of the tiles is exactly the same in both versions. But where in one version the balance between colours and geometry is achieved through the ordered and disordered arrangements of the tiles, in this black version the optical effects establish the dialogue.

2013 ___ - poème numérique, Atomium, Brussels
2013 ___ - Immersions Digitales II, Accenture, Paris
2014 ___ - writing drawing painting _ DAM Berlin, Berlin
2015 ___ - rouge vert bleu _ blanc, Centre Des Arts, Enghien Les Bains
2015 ___ - Scopitone, Trempolino, Nantes
2015 ___ - Ososphere, Usine Dromson, Selestat - France
2015 ___ - calculations, permutations, notations, the Mayor Gallery, ABPS London
2016 ___ - INTERACTIVE, Odalys, Madrid
2016 ___ - LANGAGE CODE, La Patinoire Royale, Brussels
2017 ___ - BRAFA art fair, La Patinoire Royale Brussels
2017 ___ - LANGAGE CODE, Fontana Gallery, Amsterdam
2017 ___ - LUMIERE ET MOUVEMENT,Galerie Denise René, Paris
2018 ___ - Black Mirror, Mario Mauroner Contemporary, Salzburg
2018 ___ - Art Düsseldorf, Mario Mauroner Contemporary, Düsseldorf
2019 ___ - Art Brussels, Mario Mauroner Contemporary, Brussels
2019 ___ - ACTION/REACTION, Kunsthal, Rotterdam
2019 ___ - SP ARTE, Dan Galeria, Sao Paolo
2020 ___ - IF THEN ELSE, Casino Luxembourg, Luxembourg City
2020 ___ - YES: NO, PERHAPS, Mario Mauroner Contemporary, Vienna
2020 ___ - Ce mouvement qui déplace les lignes, La Patinoire Royale, Brussels
2020 ___ - The tallest Towers start on the ground, DAN Galeria, Sao Paolo
2022 ___ - ZEITZEICHEN, ZEICHENZEIT, Kunstmuseum Heidenheim

private collections Brazil
private collections Belgium

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