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since 2014

The geometries of these reliefs are vocabulary and their random permutation is syntax. Following this language an unlimited number of variations can be attained, where each relief is just a sample of the infinite plane of possibilities.

mosaic bw

since 2013

The elementary vocabulary of these kinetic mosaics and their architectural characteristics position them within the tradition of Art Concrete, whereas their programmed logics add infinite variation-evolution.

framework notations


These notations are formal, geometric compositions that define the movement of the eponymous kinetic installation 'framework f5x5x5'. As such, they invert the principle of drawing movement in time with the visual abstract language of painting.



The mechanical motion of these custom-tailored displays creates a clapping sound. Their generative rhythm becomes visible due to the shifting white squares recalling the legendary drum machine 808 with its programmable drum patterns.


since 2013

This series combines the tessellation of regular geometries with combinatorial logic - their folding and unfolding both completed with colors. Based on scripts, the emerging patterns combine the shape logic with chance.

mosaic rgb


The play on primary colors and the geometric constellations give the artwork a 'neo-plasticist' character, whereas its programmed logic combines serendipity with simplicity, and order with randomness.

bw notations


These printouts notate the oscillations of the installation 'binaryWave'. Their motion patterns act as a compositional tool as an overall conceptual image.

__ see also : installations // calculating

__ binaryWaves
__ framework f5x5x5
__ pergola

__ particleSynthesis, audiovisual installation

__ see also : integrations / calculation

__ 10e-15, Femto Center, Besancon, France
__ origamiSquare 6x18x1, Linklaters headquarters, Brussels, Belgium
__ origamiCeiling 20Squares & 54kites, Cosnova, Frankfurt, Germany
__ origamiSquare 6x10x1, Linklaters headquarters, Madrid, Spain
__ origamiRhombi,76x1, Lend Hotel, Graz, Austria
__ origamiHexa 198kites, Reynaers experience center, Duffel, Belgium
__ mosaique 15x26, Maison de Mécatronique, Annecy, France

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