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 Abendroth, Jerome Decock, Els Vermang

Size: 9 pcs 2.10 * 2.10 m

Technique: steel, aluminium, motors, custom tailored electronics, reactive software


Pergola is a kinetic installation constituted of an elevated steal frame supporting rotating squared tiles. The installation invites the spectators to enter in a space under this artificial sky to contemplate patterns of light and motion. The installation design originates from an idea to create a temporal architecture casting a contemporary light on urban space, transforming it into a space as much for social exchange as for contemplation. Likewise ‘pergola’ is an architectural folly, a kiosk, constructed for no particular use other than the making of place and, what Michel Foucault would call a 'heterotypes', a space that is 'different' and creates a meaningful interruption in the continuum of everyday space. The installation is situated between art and architecture and proposes to contemplate space through patterns of light and motion following a binary logic of black and white, analogue and digital, high tech and low tech, light reflection and light absorption, open and closed position, light and shadow, subtraction and addition, and order and disorder. 


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Pergola is realized with the financial support of the Commission des Arts Numériques de la Communauté Française de Belgique and the Flemish Arts Decree.

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